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Dialog Agro Siberia Ltd is one of the leading businesses in the Middle and East Siberia, Russia, connected with and servicing the dairy industry, especially in Krasnoyarsk area.

We are committed to offering the complete dairy engineering service to dairy farmers.

Dialog Agro Siberia Ltd operates from its office and warehouse in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

We are the main dealer in the Krasnoyarsk region of breeding, milking technology, feeding techniques and spare parts.
We carry an extensive range of spare parts for the milking and agricultural machinery.

Our stock in Krasnoyarsk   

Our goal: modern milking technology for quick and efficient milking to suit the exact needs of the dairy farmers in Siberia ensuring his prosperity.

We are interested in new partners - manufacturers of modern equipment (milking technology, feeding techniques, animal health and hygiene). Extend you also your channels of distribution!

Contact details in Russia:         OOO Dialog-Agro-2
         A/B 27205
         ul. Maerchak 109 str.8
         660048 Krasnoyarsk
         phone: +7 (3912) 21-74-01
         phone: +7 (3912) 95-58-06
         telefax: +7 (3912) 21-74-01
         eMail: contact@dialogagro.com
         eMail: sales@dialogagro.com

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